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Dominic Cardy - New Democratic Party Leader

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Dominic Cardy has been leader of the New Brunswick New Democratic Party since March 2011, focusing on making the party an organized, effective and responsible alternative to the province's traditional governments.

Mr. Cardy has worked to strengthen and promote democracy around the world. He was based for many years in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia and Nepal, where he served as senior staff for the National Democratic Institute, an American democracy promotion agency, managing multimillion dollar programs and a large staff.

Mr. Cardy, an expert on political party reform and elections and electoral systems, has worked with dozens of political parties and governments from Afghanistan to Southern Sudan to Australia, and with international figures such as former US President Jimmy Carter.

Mr. Cardy worked for the Canadian government on the campaign to ban land mines and for the New Democratic Party at the provincial and federal levels, in Nova Scotia and in Ontario. He served as the elected rep for constituency office employees across Canada in the federal NDP's staff union, now a local of the CEP.

Mr. Cardy grew up in Fredericton where he attended George Street Jr. High and Fredericton High School. He has a BA in Political Science from Dalhousie University in Halifax and lives in Fredericton with his wife, Margot.